What my students think of my teaching:

Jane, Ottawa

Jean-Philippe was the best French language instructor I have ever had, with Graybridge Malkam or at other schools.  He was extraordinarily dedicated to ensuring my language skills progressed.  In particular, his capability and willingness to transcribe my responses in real-time and provide immediate, specific feedback on grammatical errors and mispronunciation, as well as alternatives for expressing the same idea in a more linguistically-correct way, was exceptional.  This approach was perfectly aligned with my learning style: it clearly highlighted my errors in a written manner, provided a reference resource, and enabled me to learn and self-correct far more quickly than verbal feedback alone.  I feel more confident and prepared to achieve my Oral C levels as a result of J-P’s instruction.  Merci bien J-P!

Gouvernement du Canada

Jean-Philippe is a great teacher! I have never used superprof before and J-P is the first tutor I have contacted. His lesson plans and classes are easy to follow and I am learning lots about the French language and culture.

Cindy, Vancouver

He is a very helpful & excellent tutor in French according to my daughter whom he is tutoring. Fully recommanded!

Donna, Vancouver

Craig, Ottawa

My language training experience with Jean-Philippe was fantastic.

I especially appreciated his genuine curiosity about my interests, which helped us find topics of conversation that built my flow and general confidence.  These discussions helped us discover my weak points, and J-P was able to easily pivot and drill into these areas as needed, while still keeping it enjoyable and engaging.  We made very effective use of our time together, and J-P's instruction and encouragement were a key component in my passing the Level C exam required for my job.

Gouvernement du Canada